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Current On-Call Consultant Contract Opportunities

July 13, 2020:  Notice to Environmental Services Firms Regarding a Request for Letters of Interest

The Environmental Division is currently seeking to retain the services of professional environmental services firms for on-call environmental services in various environmental disciplines.  Information on the number and types of contracts that may be awarded and the process for submitting a Letter of Interest can be found in the full advertisement.  Interested firms should review the full advertisement before preparing and submitting a Letter of Interest.   

Deadline for Submittal of Letters of Interest ended August 3, 2020

Results of the Phase 1 review of submitted Letters of Interest were sent to firms on September 17, 2020.  Firms receiving a request to submit a proposal for a particular discipline(s) can access the discipline-specific instructions for submittal at the links below:

*Firms should only submit for the Region(s) specifically requested in the 9/17/20 emailed letter.  Each Region is considered a separate contract.  Submissions for multiple Regions cannot be combined.

For each discipline for which a firm submits a proposal, the firm should complete and submit Appendix #3 TDOT Policy 101-05 Personal and Organizational Conflicts of Interest in Procurements, Contract Administration, and Program Administration.


*Submit questions via the electronic form (link provided in the 9/17/20 emailed letter).
**All proposals must be digitally submitted via the process outlined in the 9/17/20 emailed letter.

Additional information related to this procurement process will be posted to this site as subsequent phases of the process are reached.

For questions concerning this Environmental Division Consultant Contract opportunity, contact:
Mike Cook
(615) 253-9917