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Single Project Quick Notes

Consultant Assistance Quick Notes

TDOT Finance Consultant Payment Process 2018

101-05 Conflicts of Interest

101-05 Conflicts of Interest Overview


Work Order Template

Single Project / Lump Sum Invoice Template

Consultant Assistance Invoice Template 

2018 Consultant Kick Off


Edison Supplier Info

New firms performing services for TDOT will need to submit a completed W-9 and an ACH form and complete the Supplier Registration found on the Edison Supplier Homepage to set up their Supplier ID and vendor file data for invoice payment purposes. 

For questions or assistance, please contact Supplier Maintenance at:

Phone: (615) 741-9745

Consultant Pre-Qualification

If you are already under contract with TDOT's Environmental Division and your firm's name changes, pelase follow the guidance found on the Consultant Pre-Qualification Procedures to update your information. For assistance or any questions regarding this, please contact:

Christine Smotherman
Phone: (615) 741-4460


For questions concerning Environmental Division Consultant Contracts (Work Orders, Invoices, etc.), please contact:

Natalie Lee
Contracts & Financial Services Supervisor
Phone: 615.253.4846