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Contract Projects Section

Contracts and Edison Serv Support
Natalie Lee

Natalie Lee   
Contracts Supervisor
(615) 253-4846 

Teresa Rippetoe  
Consultant Assistance Invoicing

The Contract Projects Section assists the Environmental Division with procurement, contracts, and Edison support and acts as a liaison for the Division to TDOT’s Finance Division.  Section staff are responsible for such tasks as reviewing work order proposals, processing work order letters allowing work to begin, reviewing and processing invoices for payment, and providing assistance to internal and external customers regarding contract compliance, financial regulations, and other financial services. 


Work Orders

Work Order Proposal Coversheet Template (Version Date 2.5.20)


Consultant Assistance Invoice Template (Version Date 4.17.20)

Consultant Assistance Timesheet and Invoice Processing (Version Date 4.17.20)

Environmental Division Invoice Guidance (Version Date 4.17.20)

Single Project Invoice Template (Version Date 4.17.20)

Single Project Invoice Processing (Version Date 4.17.20) 

Tennessee Travel Regulations

Charges for lodging, meals, and other travel-related costs are governed by the rates set forth in the latest edition of Tennessee’s Comprehensive Travel Regulations.  The latest version can be found here

Edison Supplier Info

New firms performing services for TDOT will need to submit a completed W-9 and an ACH form and complete the Supplier Registration found on the Edison Supplier Homepage to set up their Supplier ID and vendor file data for invoice payment purposes. 

For questions or assistance, please contact Supplier Maintenance at:

Phone: (615) 741-9745

Consultant Pre-Qualification

If you are not already pre-qualified to work with TDOT or if your firm's name changes, please follow the guidance found under the DT-0330 heading at Consultant Pre-Qualification Procedures. For assistance or any questions regarding this, please contact:

Christine Smotherman
Phone: (615) 741-4460