Highway Entrance Permits

Under state law, a permit is required before construction of a driveway on state highway right-of-way, including the modification, revision, or change in use of any existing driveway facilities. Property owners must obtain a permit from TDOT.

The purpose of the driveway permit process is to manage access on the State Highway System. Access regulations are necessary in order to preserve the functional integrity of the State Highway System and to promote the safe and efficient movement of people and goods while providing reasonable access to adjoining property owners. Reasonable access means that a property owner will have access to the public highway system, but it does not mean that potential patrons are guaranteed the most direct or convenient access from a specific roadway to the owner’s property.

image of single family residential driveway
        Single Family Residential Driveway
image of commercial entrance
                   Commercial Entrance

           Driveway Brochure

Contact your local TDOT office for more information on obtaining a highway entrance permit. Click the button below for contact information.


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