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Bulletin CU-16-2

TO: All Tennessee State Chartered Credit Unions
SUBJECT: Secure Upload Center
DATE: February 24,2016

This Bulletin is intended to inform credit unions on the use of the Credit Union Upload Center (CUUC). The CUUC allows electronic secure submissions of applications, examinations, and other information. Since most credit unions maintain documents electronically, the CUUC will reduce the time it takes to submit documents to examiners. Instead of printing items needed for examinations, credit union employees can now securely upload documents. In addition, the CUUC enables the department to protect examination documents while ensuring that examiners can access the documents at any time. Finally, the CUUC also reduces examination costs for the department by drastically reducing the space needed to store paper files. The following documents may be submitted using the CUUC: Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls/xlsx, and Adobe (.pdf). If you do not maintain electronic documents, your examiner can assist you with scanning documents.

To use the CUUC, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over credit union at the top center of the page
  3. Select secure upload center
  4. Select https:/ ers/cuupload/
  5. Follow the steps on the page and click upload file

It is important that you provide all the information requested on the page to ensure your examiner receives the documents. Examination documents should go to your examiner. Applications (by-law changes, branches, mergers, etc.) should go to Debra Grissom. Requests for fixed asset reviews should go to Anthony B. Rogers Sr., Chief Administrator.

Questions regarding this Bulletin should be addressed to Anthony B. Rogers Sr., Chief Administrator 
-- Credit Union Division, at (931) 980-6427, or Tina G. Miller, Deputy Commissioner, at (615) 532-1030.