About Us

The Department regulates banks, credit unions, trust companies, business and industrial development corporations, industrial loan and thrift companies, insurance premium finance companies, mortgage lenders, brokers, servicers and originators, title pledge lenders, check cashers, deferred presentment services companies, money transmitters and flexible credit act lenders.

For most Tennesseans, financial institutions are symbols of security.  Their role in business and industry is crucial to the growth of our country's economy and our own personal well being.

The Department continues to develop and implement its Regulatory Balance mission for depository institutions.  Department examiners seek to right size regulation to the merits of each institution and avoid a one size fits all approach in order to support the Governor’s economic goals for Tennessee.  The Tennessee banking system is critical to the state’s economic vitality and the Department’s balanced regulatory approach supports economic progress.

In Tennessee, banking is big business. As of July 3-4, 2017, the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions regulated:

  • 144 State-chartered Banks
  • 89 State-chartered Credit Unions
  • 10 Trust Companies
  • 1 Business and Industrial Development Corporations (BIDCO)
  • 1,102 Industrial Loan and Thrift Companies (TILT)
  • 50 Insurance Premium Finance Companies
  • 644 Mortgage Companies, 12,019 Mortgage Originators
  • 830 Title Pledge Lenders
  • 550 Check Cashers
  • 963 Deferred Presentment Services Companies
  • 114 Money Transmitters
  • 567 Flexible Credit