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The Advocate

Advocacy Information Materials

Annual Report

Blue Ribbon Task Force on Juvenile Justice Task Force Final Report, 2018

Children's Advocacy Days and Other Event Presentations

Compilation of Selected Laws on Children, Youth and Families (Tennessee)

Council on Children's Mental Health

Disproportionate Minority Confinement in Tennessee's Juvenile Justice System

Kids Count Reports
Includes Current and Previous Editions of KIDS COUNT: The State of the Child in Tennessee

Juvenile Detention Centers and Temporary Holding Facilities

Juvenile Records Task Force Report, February 15, 2008

Legislative Advocacy Information

Legislative Reports and Information

Mountain View Youth Development Center Report, August 2014

Ombudsman Reports

Policy Briefs

Presentations from Events, Etc.

Resource Mapping Report of Funding for Services to Children

Second Look Commission


TCCY videos, including Building Strong Brains webinars, are also available.