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TCCY Podcast: Roots and Wings

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Jonquil Newland in TCCY podcast studio

Podcasts, digital audio files available on your phone, tablets or computers, entertain and educate. TCCY, relying on the skills and experience of Jonquil Newland, has rolled out the agency’s first podcast called, “Roots and Wings.” Every month “Roots and Wings” will highlight a new subject or topic that impacts children and families across Tennessee. Please let us know if you have ideas for TCCY’s podcast.

Information about the podcast is also available on, TCCY social media and on major podcast streaming services like Spotify and iTunes. You can also contact

A Parent, Transgender Child Journey with Damien Connor and Candace Winters Johnson 

From a young age Peyton knew she was different. "I don't feel like my insides match my outside and people don't seem to understand," she wrote. By the time she was in high school, Peyton had transformed into Damien. On this episode of Roots and Wings we discuss Damien's transgender journey and the impact of his biggest supporter, his mom. Candace. The two co-authored a book titled, "Particular Peyton, Daring Damien."

Monroe Harding: Foster Care Changes Lives

Monroe Harding is an organization that provides homes, healing and opportunities through programs that serve youth who are currently in or transitioning out of foster care. Two of the organizations' administrators sit down with TCCY's Jonquil Newland to discuss the challenges, needs and resources available for children in foster care and their families.  

Richard Kennedy in podcast studio

Get to know TCCY Executive Director Richard Kennedy

The first guest to sit down with Newland was TCCY Executive Director Richard Kennedy. He has served as executive director for the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth for nearly one year. However, his history with the agency is long standing. Jonquil Newland sits down with Kennedy to discuss his history with the agency as well as life  milestones that lead him to the top spot at TCCY.