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Children's Advocacy Days

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What's Happening at Children's Advocacy Days This Year

Child advocates are the voice for children who cannot be their own voice. That voice is most effective when it is amplified with many individual voices in chorus. That is why the 30th annual Children’s Advocacy Days 2018 theme is “Children’s Advocacy in Concert.” The agenda is now available. Register at

To make beautiful music, a group of skilled performers must be in harmony and in tune. To sing and play the song of Tennessee’s children, advocates share a score, arranged to showcase the talents of each.

To assure the future well-being of Tennessee children, skilled advocates – educators, counselors, social workers, administrators, policymakers and planners – speak on their behalf from a shared commitment and message.
While we celebrate the many ways advocates serve children – as educators, therapists, policymakers and planners – we all share the same melody that children should be safe, healthy, nurtured and supported, and engaged in activities that help them succeed in school and in life.

Each year children’s advocates gather in harmony to network, share information and updates on children’s issues, share what they know about the needs of Tennessee children with policymakers, and enjoy Nashville.
Children’s Advocacy Days 2018 is March 13-14 at War Memorial Building in Nashville.