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Sex Offender Registry Law

2020 Updates
Public Chapter 588: Amended T.C.A. 39-13-531 and 39-13-522 by raising the maximum age of the victim of Aggravated Rape of a Child from three (3) years of age to eight (8) years of age.
Public Chapter 636: Amended T.C.A. 40-39-211(c) to address the issue that was raised by PC 374 enacted into law on July 1, 2019 by creating a process whereby the district attorney general may petition a circuit court to make a finding that an offender, whose victim was a minor twelve (12) years of age or less, presents a danger of substantial harm to the minor and therefore the offender cannot reside with, conduct an overnight visit with, or be alone with the minor.
Public Chapter 668: As it relates to SOR administrative costs, amended T.C.A. 40-39-201(b)(7) and T.C.A. 40-39-204(b) and (c) by remitting the remaining fifty dollars ($50.00) to the state treasury instead of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.