October 22, 2015 Workshop

1:15 PM              Welcome            

Chairman Fielding Rolston


1:20 PM              Individualized Education Program     

Ms. Rebecca Wright


1:45 PM               SBE Master Plan

Dr. Sara Heyburn


2:00 PM                TNReady    

Dr. Nakia Towns
Dr. Tammy Shelton


2:20 PM                 Math and English Language Arts Fourth Year And Elective Course Offerings      

Ms. Laura Encalade


2:40 PM                  Charter School Appeals
                                           * Connections Preparatory Academy  
Ms. Tess Stovall              *  International Academy of Excellence  
Ms. Angela Sanders      *  KIPP Nashville Middle
Dr. Sara Heyburn          *  KIPP Nashville Primary
                                           * Rocketship Nashville #3


3:25 PM                   Educator Preparation Update

Dr. Amy Wooten


3:45 PM                     Licensure Actions                

Mr. Philip Cramer


4:25 PM                      Questions on Agenda Items            

Chairman Fielding Rolston


4:30 PM                       Adjournment