April 18, 2013 Workshop

12:00 PM Welcome
Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:05 PM State Minimum Salary Schedule and Differentiated Pay Plan Policy
Commissioner Kevin Huffman

1:00 PM Social Studies Standards
Mr. Jared Myracle

1:45 PM Geography
Mr. Kurt Butefish, Mr. Bob Kirkland, Mr. Neill Jobe

2:00 PM Special Education Update
Dr. Kathleen Airhart, Mr. Joey Hassell, Mr. Robert Paternak 

3:00 PM Principal Evaluation – Revision of Rubric and Process
Dr. Sara Heyburn

3:15 PM Common Core State Standards, 2013-14 Implementation Plan
Ms. Emily Barton

3:45 PM High School Equivalency Testing Program (HiSET)
Ms. Marva Doremus

4:00 PM Questions on Agenda Items
Chairman Fielding Rolston

4:15 PM Adjournment