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Master Plan

In order to maintain Tennessee's position as the fastest improving state in the nation as well as enter the top half of all states on student outcomes by 2020, the State Board of Education must develop and maintain policies that ensure a primary focus on student success.

Guiding Principles:

The State Board's master plan is founded on a commitment to serve all students and a focus on increased transparency. The two guiding principles for the master plan are:

1. Serve All Students: We will work to ensure all students have the support and pathways they need for success.
2. Transparency: We will commit to straightforward, honest, and timely communication about all of the work of the State Board.


The State Board, in conjunction with the Department of Education, has set three ambitious student achievement goals:

1. Tennessee will rank in the top half of states on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) by 2019.
2. The average ACT composite score in Tennessee will be a 21, or a comparable score of 990 on the SAT, by 2020.
3. The majority of high school graduates from the class of 2020 will earn a postsecondary certificate, diploma, or degree.

In order to meet our goals, the State Board of Education recognizes that it will require the involvement of many stakeholders including parents and community members, teachers and school leaders as well as business and government leaders. Four strategic priorities will guide the Board's work and support the three key student achievement goals above.

2017 Strategic Priorities:

  • High Quality School Options - We will insist that all students have access to high quality schools regardless of zip code, prior achievement, or demographics.
  • Great Teachers and Leaders - We will work to ensure all students have access to great teachers led by great leaders.
  • High Standards and Quality Measures - We will ensure that Tennessee instructional standards are among the very best in the world, and reviewed regularly, with an eye towards continuous improvement. 
  • Public Engagement and Oversight - We will commit to good governance, effective oversight, and engagement with the citizens of Tennessee. 

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