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Failure to Satisfy Fines, Costs, and Litigation Taxes on a Criminal Offense (T.C.A. 40-24-105(h))

Effective January 1, 2018

The statute allows a person to obtain a one-year restricted license to drive for the following purposes:

  • Employment
  • School
  • Religious worship
  • Participation in a recovery court, which includes drug courts, DUI courts, mental health courts,¬†and veterans treatment courts
  • Serious illness of the person or an immediate family member
  • Other reasons or destinations as determined by the court

Individual must not have been convicted of a prior vehicular homicide as the proximate result of intoxication, aggravated vehicular homicide, or vehicular assault.

  • Obtain a certified order signed by Judge from any court in the county where failed to satisfy resulted in suspension action being taken against driver license (may have multiple courts even in different counties).
  • Take the original certified Court Order to a Driver Services Center within ten (10) days of the date of the Court Order along with any other required documentation.
  • Pay a $65 driver license fee and a $2 application fee.