Beginning Farmer Resources

Who does it help? Tennessee beginning farmers and forest landowners.

Would you like to farm but you aren’t sure where to start? The following resources may offer ideas and guidance as you consider your plan. Please know that this list is by no means comprehensive. We encourage you to reach out to your local Extension office for educational opportunities. Joining local ag-based organizations can also help you form connections with the farmers in your area.

Contact: (615) 837-5160 or


Interactive Agriculture Data Dashboards

These visualizations illustrate the Departments operations and activity occurring through its programs across Tennessee. Each page is designed to be user-friendly where the public can find current information pertaining to their interests and across their community. The dashboards include data for the latest fiscal year, and in some instances, will display data from prior fiscal years.



Who does it help? Schools, Districts, Students, and Parents/Guardians

College for TN is a free one-stop resource for college and career information in the state of Tennessee



College Finder

Who does it help? Anyone interested in enrolling in college

This resource helps to match individuals with the college that meets their needs.



CTE Educator Resources

Who does it help? CTE Educators and Directors

Please check this page regularly for new professional learning resources, tools, and opportunities.

Family Resources

Who does it help? English and Spanish Speaking Parents/Guardians

This resource provides parents and guardians with insight into and inforamtion about the college-going process.


Financial Aid

Who does it help? Parents and Students

This resource provides parents and students with information about paying for college.



Higher Education County Profiles

Who does it help? County Mayors, Superintendents, & Workforce Development Professionals

This report provides users with multiple sources of data localized at the county level. This includes measures like, Graduation Rate, College-Going Rate, Top In-Demand Occupations in the Local Workforce Development Area, Financial Aid Awards, and much more in one convenient location.


Promising Practices in College and Career Readiness

Who does it help? School Districts, CTE Directors, CTE Educators

The promising practices listed are snapshots of district practices and initiatives which support the department’s goals and strategic priorities.


Tennessee Reconnect Quick Screener

Who does it help? Adult Learners

College cost include more than just tuition and books. Use this simple screener to answer a few questions and learn about assistance you may qualify for and where to apply.


TN-SOP: Transferring Military Credits

Who does it help? Service-members and Veterans

The Tennessee Service-member Opportunity Portal (TN-SOP) is an interactive database which translates prior military experience to academic credit at Tennessee public higher education institutions. The Service-member Opportunity Portal allows student veterans to compare schools to find the best fit for their education or training.



Work-based Learning Resources

Who does it help? CTE Directors, Schools, Districts, Employers

Toolbox, requirements, and other information related to developing and maintaining high-quality work-based learning programs


Department of Human Services

The department's website has information on more than 17 programs and services for Tennesseans, including SNAP, TANF, Child Support, disability employment services, child care payment assistance, Adult Protective Services and more.

Contact: Customer Service 615-313-4700


Economic Impact, County Snapshot, and TN Travel Impact Dashboard

Who does it help? Municipalities and Destination Marketing Organziations

Tennessee’s skyrocketing growth is due in great part to key tourism partners throughout the state who invest in new attractions, groundbreaking expansions and important improvements. Those partnerships and efforts are reflected in our Annual Report and Economic Impact reports.

Website Partner Page

Who does it help? Destinations, tourism businesses and attractions

Partner pages on are free and can potentially be viewed by nearly 3 million people who visit the site each year.



Success Stories

Program: ThreeStar

Through the ThreeStar asset-based planning forum, Sparta and White County stakeholders identified emergency health staff as a need, not only in White County but across the region. In partnership with the school system Career and Technical Assistance programs and Motlow State Community College Sparta location, the community leaders determined that enhancing the health science programs would fill an urgent need, with a special focus to develop training for advanced EMT and Paramedic training. With ThreeStar grant funding, an Ambulance simulator was purchased for use at Motlow State which was used to expand programs at the Sparta location. According to Houston Austin, MSCC Emergency Services Director, without the Ambulance simulator funded by the ThreeStar grant, they would not be able to offer Paramedic courses at the Sparta location. Since 2019, there have been more than 75 students that have graduated with EMT-AMT degrees, and the 8 more students that enrolled in the Paramedic class in August 2022 are on target to graduate this year. 

Funding:  ThreeStart Grant through TNECD awarded $50,000.

Impact: Since 2019, more than 75 students have graduated with EMT-AMT degrees using the ambulance simulator purchased.

Program: ThreeStar

For Monroe County, tourism is a vital part of their local economy. Through the ThreeStar asset-based planning forum, wayfinding signage was identified as a need. Brandy Gentry, CEO of Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, said ‘Monroe County has been focusing on capitalizing on our existing tourism assets and trying to ensure that we are providing an excellent experience to our visitors while also capturing as much revenue as possible.’ Wayfinding signage provides travelers guidance around the community to drive economic impact and encourage longer stays and more travel-related spending.

Funding: ThreeStart Grant through TNECD awarded $50,000.

Impact: On an average day in 2021, visitor spending in Monroe County generated:$164,592 in daily expenditures$32,489 in daily labor income$7,195 in daily state taxes$5,105 in daily local taxes

Program: ThreeStar

The Pulaski-Giles County ThreeStar committee identified and prioritized the need to increase awareness of dual enrollment courses for in-demand job training during the ThreeStar asset-based stakeholder meeting. The top training needs identified included welding and health sciences. ThreeStar grant funds of $50,000 allowed them to create a mobile welding simulator training classroom and purchase equipment to enhance their health science courses.

Funding: ThreeStart Grant through TNECD awarded $50,000.

Impact: Creation of a mobile welding lab

Program: Site Development Grant

July 2022, Duksan Electera America – Shelbyville, Bedford County – The 231 N Business Park received 3 site development grants prior to the location of this company, amounting to just over $1.6mm. Between 2016 and 2021, Grant funds were used to clear the site, construct the road into the site, provide an entrance sign for the park, and extend utilities onto the property. Without these improvements, the site would not be able to accommodate a project of this size. Duksan announced 101 jobs and $94mm in capital investment.

Funding: $1.6M in SDG Grants over 3 years

Impact: 101 Jobs and $94M in Capital Investments

Visuals: Pictures from the Project announcement are here. You can find the video from the announcement here.

Program: Site Development Grant

September 2022, Piedmont Lithium – Etowah, McMinn County – The North Etowah Industrial Park received 1 site development grant in 2018 to engineer a new industrial access road, purchase right of ways, and relocate utilities that opened the site up for development. Prior to this work being done, it was difficult for prospective clients to envision how they would access the site. With this engineering work completed, the local community was able to present a concrete plan to the client. Piedmont Lithium announced 117 jobs and over $582mm in capital investment. 

Funding: SDG Grant for $879K

Impact: 117 Jobs & over $582M in Capital Investments

Visuals: You can see the site in its early stage in the video here. You can find the video from the announcement here.

Program: TN Downtowns

Main Street Pulaski applied for the 2019 Commercial Façade Program through TNECD. The primary goal of the project was to assist 20 total business/property owners in completing much-needed repairs that otherwise may not be economically feasible. In 2020, Main Street Pulaski was awarded a $100,000 Commercial Façade Improvement Grant that supported the goal of assisting business/property owners in completing façade repairs. All 24 of the buildings in historic downtown Pulaski saw transformations. The grant funds were leveraged by an investment by the business/property owner. Main Street Pulaski worked with the South Central TN Development District to help administer the project.  

Funding:  Commercial Façade Program through TNECD awarded a $100,000 Commercial Façade Improvement Grant

Impact: At the completion of the project, there were 24 total buildings impacted by this grant. Projects included: New Awnings, Repainting, Window/Door Repair, and Signage.

Program: CDBG Block Grants

The City of Columbia funded the construction of nine transportation shelters in East Columbia, which historically consisted of low-income, minority neighborhoods suffering from high crime rates and economic disinvestment.  This effort was made by city leaders to create safe access to public transportation and to continue the revitalization of these neighborhoods. The transportation shelters were placed along the Purple Line of the Columbia Trolley System and are equipped with lighting, seating, transparent weather barriers, an emergency phone, and signage.  The shelters increase the safety of current riders and will encourage other residents to utilize the system.

Funding: CDBG awards $150,000 with a $22,000 local match by the community

Impact: At the completion of the project nine transportation shelters were installed providing more accessible and safe public transportation for residents along the Mule Town Trolley route.

Program: Site Development Grant

December 2021, Sinova Silicon – Tiptonville, Lake County – The Lake County Industrial Park received two site development grants prior to the location of this company, amounting to just over $800,000. In 2016 and 2018, funds were used to supply sewer line extensions and build a water tank to increase the available water supply and provide fire protection. Utility extensions and capacity improvements were key to landing a client in this rural industrial park. Sinova Silicon announced 140 jobs and $150 million in capital investment.

Funding: Two SDG Grants for $800K

Impact: 140 Jobs & $150M in Capital Investments

Visuals: You can see the site in its early stage here. You can find pictures from the project announcement here

Archive Success Stories

This webpage includes project descriptions that highlight best practices and success stories from across the State. The series was originally created in 2018 and features local and regional projects funded by state and rural partners across Tennessee.