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Lien Notation

Effective August 1, 2015, new state law requires an increase to the state fee to note a lien on a vehicle's certificate of title from $5.50 to $11.  Likewise, the law increases the state fee to note the extension of a mortgage on a certificate of title from $5.50 to $11.  The $5.50 increase cover the cost of subsequently discharging the lien or mortgage extension.  This has previously been done without a fee to pay for the cost to the state.  For more information on how the application of these fees apply, click here.  

Here are the steps for completing the  Application for Noting of Lien form.   

  1. Send the completed form.
  2. Include all necessary support documentation.  This documentation should include a copy of the lien instrument and the owner's Tennessee certificate of title (if no lien exists).  An application for a duplicate title is not considered to be acceptable support documentation.  
  3. Include all fees.
    • Lien notation fee:  $11 per lien
    • State title fee:  $5.50
    • Additional county fees may also apply.  Please check with your local county clerk's office for more information.
  4. Information should be submitted to your local county clerk's office.  

The requirements for noting a second lien are the same as above, except the certificate of title is not necessary.  The name and address of the lienholder must be shown on the form in the space called "second lienholder."  A conditional sales contract is not acceptable as a lien instrument, unless it is previously recorded and merely being assigned.