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Personalized Plates

Regular and specialty license plates for automobiles (cars, station wagons, vans, pick-up trucks up to 3/4 ton rating and 9,000 pounds or less in weight, and motor homes of any size) and motorcycles can be personalized.

The annual fee for a personalized regular plate is $61.50 for automobiles and $54.50 for motorcycles. Annual fees for personalized specialty plates can be found in the individual plate descriptions under “Available License Plates.”

Personalization is available in the form of:

  • minimum three and maximum seven characters for a regular automobile plate;
  • minimum three and maximum six characters for a regular motorcycle plate; and
  • minimum three and maximum four or five characters (see plate descriptions) for specialty plates.

To personalize a regular or specialty plate, submit to the Vehicle Services Division (44 Vantage Way, Suite 160, Nashville, TN 37243-8050):

  1. Application for Tennessee Personalized License Plate
  2. $35 personalization fee (regular plate) or $70 personalization fee (specialty plate)
  3. Three choices for personalization (subject to department approval)