Helpful Information

Revenue Help

The following information may be useful to taxpayers in need of guidance through the department’s standard resolution channels. Additional tax information and FAQs are located on the department’s  "Revenue Help" page.


Tax Account Information & Filing Assistance

For assistance with general tax account inquiries, taxpayers are encouraged to submit a “Revenue Help” request by visiting the following page and selecting “Submit a Request”:

Taxpayers may also contact the Taxpayer Services Division at (615) 253-0600 or (800) 342-1003.


Collections & Assessments

Taxpayers who have received a “Notice of Proposed Assessment” should contact the Taxpayer Services Division at (615) 253-0600 or (800) 342-1003.

Those taxpayers who have received a “Final Demand for Payment” or notices related to collection action are encouraged to contact the Collection Services Division at (615) 741-7071 or (844) 729-8689, or by email at For additional information, including instructions for requesting an installment payment plan, please visit the department’s “Compliance Information” page.


Offer in Compromise

Individuals who are verifiably unable to pay their existing tax liabilities may submit an “Offer in Compromise” application. The department thoroughly reviews compromise applications to determine eligibility, and completion of an application does not assure acceptance. For more information on the Offer in Compromise process, please consult the department’s FAQs.


Informal Conference & Hearing Office

The informal conference process is available to any taxpayer who has received a proposed assessment of tax. The primary role of department hearing officers is to make an independent determination of whether a proposed assessment is correct. For more information on the informal conference process, click here.


Penalty Waivers

In some instances, penalties for late and/or deficient payments may be waived. For more information on how to submit a “Petition for Waiver of Penalty,” please visit the Penalty Waiver Unit’s webpage.


Refund Requests

Taxpayers who believe they have overpaid their taxes may submit a claim for refund with the department. For more information on how to submit a claim, please visit the department’s “Request a Refund” page.