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Read to be Ready Coaching Network

In 2016, the first cohort of the Read to be Ready Coaching Network began the work of improving literacy instruction in K–3 classrooms across the state. Ninety-eight districts are currently participating in the Read to be Ready Coaching Network. Click herefor an overview of the progress made during the first year of work in the coaching network.

Read to be Ready Coaching Network Video

"The Read to be Ready network has given me a renewed excitement for the future of literacy instruction in our schools. This is the most focused and comprehensive literacy initiative we have had, and the shifts that are happening in our classrooms are real and lasting. Giving authentic literature the chance to affect our students on a deep, personal level by revisiting texts that are purposely aligned has resulted in elevated learning and knowledge for our students. Networking with my peer coaches and designing professional development sessions as a team has helped me grow as a coach, and it gives me a great appreciation for my colleagues and my profession."  - Allison Kruse, R2BR Coach, Dickson County, February 2017 Coach of the Month