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Unit Starters Package

The purpose of the Unit Starter PL Package is to prepare educators to teach with unit starters effectively. It walks educators through each component of the unit starter and provides resources to help teachers understand the goals of the unit starter they plan to teach. The PL Package is organized into two modules:

  • Module 1: Preparing to Teach with Unit Starters
  • Module 2: Refining Instruction with Unit Starters

The first module is designed to be completed prior to teaching with the unit starters and focuses on preparing teachers for instruction. The second module is designed to be completed after teaching with the unit starter and supports teachers in reflecting on and refining their instructional practices.

As with all of the packages, the Unit Starters PL Package is designed to be led by a learning facilitator and completed in a group setting with reflection and discussion. To access an overview page of the Unit Starter PL Package, click here.