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Teaching Literacy in Tennessee Package

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This PL Package is designed to facilitate understanding of and engagement with Teaching Literacy in Tennessee, a guidance document published by the Tennessee Department of Education in 2017 that lays out a comprehensive vision for effective literacy instruction across the state.  This session provides an essential foundation that all other PL Packages build upon, so it should be completed first before beginning any other PL Packages.

As with all of the packages, the Teaching Literacy in Tennessee:  K-3 PL Package is designed to be led by a learning facilitator and completed in a group setting with reflection and discussion. The package walks educators through the most important pieces of Teaching Literacy in Tennessee (TLiT) with questions and prompts that promote comprehension and the integration of key ideas. This PL Package contains two learning sessions that are each approximately 45 minutes in length. Content for the learning sessions is provided in the PL Package Workbook. Facilitator notes for this session are provided in a separate document. To access an overview page of the Teaching Literacy in Tennessee PL Package, click here.

Participants will need access to Teaching Literacy in Tennessee to complete this PL Package. Teaching Literacy in Tennessee can be accessed online here.

Educators should read Teaching Literacy in Tennessee prior to beginning this PL Package.