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How Schools, Museums, and Libraries Can Get Involved

We know you thrive when you see others come through your doors to learn and grow. Here are some steps we think you could take to help Tennessee students Read to be Ready:

  • Open your doors on the weekends and in the summer to offer kids a safe and fun place to continue learning.
  • Offer weekend and summer programs that can help students of all ages, including our youngest learners, continue to explore and grow. Consider offering free or low-cost programs to ensure students from low-income families could also benefit, as well as age-appropriate literature they could take home.
  • Use your building to serve the community: offer literacy classes for adults, partner with a non-profit that may need a gathering space, or share your building with other social services to provide a centralized, literacy-rich center for families.
  • Provide book bags for kids in the summer with books they can keep for the entire break or swap out occasionally.