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How Community Organizations Can Get Involved

​You already do so much for our communities. We hope these simple suggestions will help you extend your reach to improving literacy in Tennessee!

  • Establish partnerships with local preschools and K-12 schools in your community and offer to support their literacy efforts through fundraising, volunteering, or building or strengthening their school library.
  • Provide literacy-rich programming for children and adults of all ages – from Sunday school classes through adult ESL courses.
  • Support parents of young children to help them read more at home – provide book bags, lists of suggested books they can check out from the library, audio books and supplies, or fun props they can use while reading.
  • If you are already offering resources to support families, like food, eye-glasses, or clothes, consider also providing books.
  • If you have an older child in your program who you know has younger siblings, send him or her home with age-appropriate books they could read together.