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How Community Members Can Get Involved

​Every member in the community can take one of these steps to help improve reading in Tennessee. 

  • Find out how your employer or groups you are involved with – like faith-based organizations and charities – are already supporting local literacy efforts, or offer to kick start that work with your community.
  • Volunteer to become a reading tutor or partner in your community. See if local libraries, hospitals, day cares, preschools, or schools could use extra tutors or books.
  • Organize a community book donation or used book swap event so families can get new books for free.
  • Create or support a reading incentive program with your local school, public library, or community center. Talk with local leaders to determine their needs, and tailor your efforts to those.
  • Donate to schools, libraries, or organizations in your area that are supporting literacy events.
  • Member of a book club? Consider sharing your love of reading with a local school by volunteering as a group.
  • Participate in Little Free Library or similar, neighborhood book-sharing initiatives.