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Business Partners

We want to take the opportunity to highlight some of our partners who are already doing their part to help improve literacy in their communities. Come back soon to read about new partners and to learn new ideas that you can take back to your business. Think your business should be highlighted? Tell us about your exciting working by taking the Read to be Ready Business Pledge!

Tennessee Department of Health

Staff members of the Mid-Cumberland Regional Office have been involved in Warner Elementary School’s Reading Clinic Program since February 2015, and this year staff from the State Lab joined them. Students who participate in the program have shown incredible growth in their reading and comprehension, and the absenteeism rate among them has decreased. The success of this program is due to the commitment of staff to their ‘matched’ child. Each child counts on the time spent with the tutor. Not only are the students learning to read, but the tutors are making an impact in other aspects of their life. The staff who are involved recognize that having a significant adult committed to helping individual students affects more than just reading scores - it affects lives.