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It is important to reach our Read to be Ready goal to ensure that Tennessee's future workforce is ready! Below are a few steps that current businesses can take to help improve reading in Tennessee:

  • Offer opportunities for your employees to get involved in literacy events through flextime, employee-led tutoring, workplace literacy programs, mentoring programs, or visiting a nearby school to read.
  • Learn which schools are in your community – both geographically and through your employees’ children and grandchildren – and ask how you can help support their literacy efforts.
  • Many customer service-oriented businesses – like restaurants; barbershops; and hair salons; car repair shops; laundromats; hospitals and clinics; and veterinarian, pediatrician, dentist, and doctor’s offices – often have a waiting area. Keep books for children of all ages to read while they wait.
  • Sponsor local literacy programs through sending employee volunteers, donating resources, or providing financial support.
  • Develop partnerships with local literacy organizations and groups that already interact with families, and ask how you can help. After-school programs, day cares, and family-focused non-profits, along with social service agencies and teachers, are often looking for children’s books. 

Want to start getting more involved with literacy in your community? Already doing something to promote literacy? Tell us about it! We would love to take the Read to be Ready Business Pledge.