2018 Summer Grant Application Materials

Call for Proposals: To learn about all grant requirements and expectations, please read the call for proposals. It is advised that all potential applicants read this document before beginning the application process.
  • Find Your Application Number: The application number is the unique identifying number that your application is assigned so the department can track it through the review process. It is required to be entered into the online application, as well as the proposal template in the top right corner. If your program is being hosted at more than one location, choose one school to identify your application number; it does not matter which school you select, just be consistent. If you cannot find your school listed, please email ReadtobeReady.TN@tn.gov and an application number will be assigned to you. 
  • Proposal Template: To apply for a 2018 summer grant, you must fill out this template completely. For each of the questions in this proposal, please respond in 250 words or fewer, unless the instructions specify differently. Please feel free to add in charts or bulleted lists as it makes sense to your proposal, but note that there is a strict 12 page limit. The application must be submitted in 12 pt. Times New Roman font.  When you submit this document in the online application, it must be uploaded as a PDF.
  • Before submitting the online application, districts must complete the budgeting process. You can access more detailed information about the budgeting process, as well as the required forms, below.
  • Evaluative Rubric: When crafting your proposal, we strongly recommend that you refer to the  rubric that the evaluators will  use to score proposals. We also recommend that you read the 10 Characteristics of a Successful Read to be Ready Summer Grant Program. Finally, for exemplars, visit the "Summer Grant Resources" tab.
After you have completed your grant proposal in the required template and received your signed acknowledgement form, you are ready to complete and submit the online application. To preview the full online application before you begin filling it out, go here. To fill out the online application, go here.
Grant Budgeting Process:
We strongly advise that educators and district fiscal offices discuss basic budget estimates, such as transportation and benefits, during the early stages of budgeting. If applicants know about district expectations and requirements at the beginning, the budgeting process will be more streamlined and transparent.

 The budgeting process  consists of  three steps. Applicants will complete a detailed budget template that must be submitted electronically to their district. When submitting the template, applicants should request the district to sign and return the 2018 Read to be Ready Summer Grant Budget Acknowledgement Form. (Applicants will be required to upload this signed form when submitting their proposals to the state.) Applicants must also write a budget narrative and provide an overview of the budget plan in the grant proposal
  • Budget Process and Template Instructions: This document overviews the budget process and budget template instructions. (Updated 9/27)
  • Budget Template:  Applicants must complete this budget template and submit it electronically to their district fiscal office. (Updated 9/27)
  • Example Budget Template: This is a completed budget template for reference. The applicant that completed this template worked with its district to do so. (Updated 9/27)
  • 2018 Read to be Ready Summer Grant Budget Acknowledgement Form When submitting the above budget template to districts, applicants should request  districts to sign and return this form. Applicants will be required to upload this signed form when submitting their proposals to the state. This must be submitted as a PDF.
  • Reimbursement Reference: This is a non-exhaustive, but fairly comprehensive, list of items the grant funding can and cannot cover. If you have questions about expenses, please contact Read to be Ready at ReadtobeReady.TN@tn.gov.