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About Enrollment

2020 Annual Enrollment Dates

  • Annual Enrollment for State and Higher Education is Oct. 1-16, 2020
  • Annual Enrollment for Local Education, Local Government and Retirees is Oct. 1-30, 2020

Each year, Annual Enrollment is your chance to choose or make benefit changes that will be effective the following Jan. 1. Even if you don’t make changes during Annual Enrollment, it’s good to review your enrollment each year.

If eligible, during Annual Enrollment you can:

Enroll or Make Changes in Edison

You will use Employee Self Service (ESS) in Edison to add/make changes to benefits. When using Edison ESS, Internet Explorer 11 is the preferred browser. Enrolling on your smart phone or mobile device is now possible.

Prescription card

ID Cards

  • Employees new to coverage and employees who change or transfer medical, dental or vision plans will receive new ID cards.
  • Current members who continue their coverage can use the same ID cards.
  • New! Optum will mail behavioral health ID cards to all members.
  • CDHP/HSA, medical FSA and limited purpose FSA (L-FSA) members who continue coverage will use the same debit card.
  • If you are a new CDHP/HSA, medical FSA or limited purpose FSA enrollee, you will receive a new debit card from PayFlex.
  • Members can always request additional cards by contacting their carrier network or vendor(s) or by using a vendor’s mobile app.