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TN.gov User Survey

Thank you for your interest in our User Survey. The survey has two parts: User information and Web site evaluation.

The questions in the user information section help us to learn about our audience so that we can provide you with the services you want, when you want them, and how you want them. The questions in the Web site section ask for your thoughts about TN.gov.

Why were you visiting the state's Web site today?

How did you learn about TN.gov?

In the last six months, how often have you made online purchases, reservations, or other Internet transactions? (e.g., buy books, clothes, make travel reservations, pay bills online)

Do you ever use a handheld wireless device to access the Internet? (e.g. cell phone, PDA)

Which Tennessee region below best describes where you live?

What is your age range?

How difficult or easy do you think the Web site is to navigate?

How difficult or easy is it to understand the labels and categories of links?

How well did you like the layout of the Web site? (e.g., ease of use, graphic design, etc.)

How well do you like the Web site in general? (e.g., link placement, amount of text)

Thank you for your participation. Click "Send Survey" to send us your thoughts.