2022-23 P-EBT Administrative Review Process

Short for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer, P-EBT is a federally funded COVID-19 relief program made possible through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Using P-EBT cards, the program provides nutritional assistance to National School Lunch Program participants and qualifying families to replace school meals missed due to COVID-19 related events.

Administrative Review Accepted June 19, 2023 - June 30, 2023 at 5 P.M. CST

The P-EBT Administrative Review period is only open from June 19, 2023, through June 30, 2023 at 5 P.M. CST. Read on for more detail.

Administrative Review for P-EBT for the 2022-2023 School Year and Summer 2023:

School Year 2022-23 and Summer 2023 of P-EBT provided financial assistance to replace school meals that were missed due to a COVID-19 related absence reported to their school. P-EBT School Year 2022-23 and Summer 2023 was available to children that receive free or reduced-price meals through one the following:

  • National School Lunch Program, income application or direct certification
  • Enrollment in a Community Eligibility Provision school,
  • Enrollment in a school operating under Provision 2 or 3, and
  • their school experienced a closure or reduction of hours of 5 consecutive days.

Eligible children received $8.18 per each excused COVID-related absence reported to their school and a one-time lump sum $120 in Summer P-EBT benefits.


How to Submit an Administrative Review for P-EBT School Year 2022-23 and Summer 2023

If you believe your child was eligible for P-EBT School Year 2022-23 or Summer 2023, but did not receive benefits for COVID related absences, an administrative review can be filed on the P-EBT Parent Portal at OneDhs.Tn.gov/parent following these steps: 

  1. To process a P-EBT Administrative Review, parents will need to ensure their child/children are linked to their P-EBT Parent Portal account.  If you have not created a P-EBT Parent Portal account already, create an account by visiting: OneDhs.Tn.Gov select P-EBT Parent Portal and link your children within the Parent Portal to process an Administrative Review.
  2. Once logged into the P-EBT Parent Portal, select the Administrative Review button from the top menu.
  3. Select missing benefit days and upload supporting documentation that should be attached to the child’s case.  

Note: A separate Administrative Review request is required for each child – you cannot submit one Administrative Review for multiple children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I don’t see my child to select to submit an Administrative Review?

If you don’t see your child in the dropdown when submitting a P-EBT Administrative Review, call the Help Desk at 833-419-3210 to create a P-EBT Administrative Review. The help desk agent will write down the necessary information to add your child into the system. You will receive an email after the call to confirm the information that was captured during the call was accurate and receive a notification once your child’s eligibility has been confirmed and TDHS has made a decision on your case.


Does the process differ depending on the type of school my child attends?

Yes, the reporting process differs slightly depending on whether your child attends public or private school. Both processes will take place via the P-EBT Parent Portal.

If your child attends public school, you will be able to request a P-EBT Administrative Review for specific dates related to excused absences due to COVID-19.

If your child attends private school, you will be able to request a P-EBT Administrative Review in terms of the number of additional days for each month related to excused absences due to COVID-19.

All parents will need to attest and submit the selected days to complete the Administrative Review process.


What if I am requesting an administrative review of days my child was marked Present?

If you are submitting a P-EBT Administrative Review for days where the school has your child marked as present, it is strongly encouraged to attach/upload documentation stating that your child was absent for those days due to COVID-19. Any format (doc., excel, pdf, jpeg, png, etc.) will be accepted. Examples of documentation include: doctor notes, email communications with school or teacher.


When will I get my Administrative Review P-EBT benefits?

To check the status and distribution date of P-EBT benefits, parents can use the P-EBT Parent Portal by visiting: https://onedhs.tn.gov/parent or calling the P-EBT assistance hotline at 1-833-419-3210. TDHS plans to issue benefits requested through the P-EBT Administrative Review process, on a rolling basis.


What do I do when I get notified that I need to send additional documentation?

If you receive an email asking for documentation after you have submitted your P-EBT Administrative Review request, you will have 5 business days from the date the email was sent to submit documentation. Any documentation sent after the 5 days will not be considered during your Administrative Review case review.

You will need to submit the additional documentation to PEBTAppeals.round5.dhs@tn.gov with the following information:

  • Administrative Review Case Number ID
  • Student Name
  • Attached Any Supporting Documentation


How much will I get based on my Administrative Review approval?

The P-EBT Administrative Review amount is based on each student’s number of “excused absences” related to COVID-19 that were submitted through the P-EBT Administrative Review process and approved. Confirmation from each school can vary from child to child, even within a family. To view the amount your child may receive, visit the P-EBT Parent Portal at https://onedhs.tn.gov/parent.

You can check your P-EBT card balance on www.connectebt.com or by calling the number on the back of your P-EBT card.


How do I know if my Administrative Review request is approved or denied?

You will receive an email notification informing you that your P-EBT Administrative Review request has either been approved or denied.

If approved, you will also be able to see the amount on “My benefits” screen once you log into the P-EBT Parent Portal.


How can I calculate what my benefit amount for school year ’22 through ’23 should be?

Your eligible child should receive $8.18 per each day that he or she had an excused absence due to COVID-19. Children eligible for Summer P-EBT should receive a lump sum of $120.