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Tennesseans 16+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Remote Learning Education Exempt Programs

Education Exemption Request

We are sensitive to the ever-evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities, including delivery of academic learning for school-age children, and appreciate your willingness to assist your community during these extraordinary times. For non-licensed agencies who wish to provide services to school-age children during hours of remote, virtual or online schoolwork,  the law provides an exemption from other licensure requirements so that your program will not be considered an illegal program (see Tenn. Code Ann. § 71-3-503) should you choose to offer remote or virtual learning opportunities to children.   

If you are prepared to support remote or virtual learning for school-aged children outside of a Department-licensed child care program, you may complete and submit the following form: 

Please be as detailed in your plans as possible when completing your exemption request. Thank you for your cooperation.

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