Child Care Resource & Referral Centers

There are 7 Child Care Resource and Referral Centers (CCR&R’s) across Tennessee that assist both parents and providers for free.

Parents receive information regarding the components of quality care and what to look for when choosing quality care.​ CCR&R staff are able to offer parents information on child care providers in their area and answer questions on what type of care may be best for their family.

For child care providers, CCR&R’s offer technical assistance, training, consultation, materials and resources on developmentally appropriated practices, health related issues and practices. The CCR&Rs are able to assist providers to include children with disabilities in their programs. CCR&R’s provide onsite consultation to assist providers in problem solving child care, health and inclusion issues. In addition, CCR&Rs identify unmet training needs of providers and provide information on existing training opportunities or arrange for training when none exists.

Visit the Tennessee Child Care Resource and Referral Network (CCR&R) website.

Did you know that video segments on the following child care topics can be viewed on the Tennessee Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) website? Greeting & Departing, Meals & Snacks, Toileting & Diapering, Nap & Rest Time, Health Practices, Safety Practices, SIDS, and Child Abuse.