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January 23, 2020 Meeting Packet 


January 23, 2020 Agenda


List of Individuals Planned to Speak  


(Please see the agenda for the exact order of projects to be heard.)


Consent Calendar Applications

CN1908-029  AHC Nashville, LLC dba AHC  of Nashville

     Consent Calendar Justification Memo  

     Support for CN1908-029  (As of 1/15/2020)


Certificate of Need Applications

CN1908-030  Nashville Midtown Surgical 

     Support for CN1908-030   (As of 1/22/2020)

     Opposition for CN1908-030  (As of 11/22/2019)

CN1909-032 Select Specialty Hospital

     Opposition for CN1909-032  (As of 12/9/2019)

CN1909-034  Oral Facial Surgery Center, Inc dba Specialty Surgery Center  (Revised)

     Support for CN1909-034  (As of 11/27/2019)

     Opposition for CN1909-034  (As of 11/25/2019)

CN1909-035  TriStar Skyline Medical Center  

     Support for CN1909-035  (As of 11/27/2019)

CN1909-039  St. Thomas West Hospital 

     Support for CN1909-039  (As of 11/25/2019)




December 11, 2019 Minutes

December 2019 Finance Ways and Means Report

Certificate of Need Project Reports

Nursing Home Bed Pool Reports

Current ICF/IID Bed Pool Report



To view this month's Communique, and Notice of Review reports, please go to Agency Publications and Reports.