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Application and Filing Fee Submission Process due to the pandemic
HSDA Rulemaking (Updated)

August 25, 2021 Meeting Packet 


August 25, 2021 Agenda  


List of Individuals Planned to Speak  


(Please see the agenda for the exact order of projects to be heard.)


Consent Calendar Applications

CN2106-020  University of Tennessee Medical Center  

     Consent Calendar Justification Memo


Certificate of Need Applications

CN2103-008  Poplar Ridge Surgery Center, LLC   (Replacement pages are within supplemental responses.)

     Support for CN2103-008  (As of 8/23/2021)

     Opposition for CN2103-008  (As of 8/10/2021)

CN2103-011  Grassland Surgery Center

     Support for CN2103-011  (As of 8/18/2021)

CN2105-016  Select Specialty Hospital - West Tennessee, LLC

CN2105-018  Medical Care, LLC  

     Support for CN2105-018  (As of 8/24/2021)


General Counsel's Report

Contested Case Update  



June 23, 2021 Minutes

July 2021 Finance Ways and Means Report  (Coming Soon)

Certificate of Need Project Reports

Nursing Home Bed Pool Reports

Current ICF/IID Bed Pool Report

Notice of Review Report