September 27, 2023 Meeting Packet 


Agenda September 27, 2023


List of Individuals Planed to Speak


(Please see the agenda for the exact order of projects to be heard.)


Certificate of Need Applications

CN2305-012  TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center Freestanding Emergency Department   (Revised Page 2 of Staff Review) 

     Tennessee and Kentucky Hospitals and Cigna Healthcare

     Presentation by Applicant for CN2305-012

     Presentation by Opposition - Sumner Regional Medical Center  (Revised)

     TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center's Response to the Commission Staff Report

     Commission Staff's Response to TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center 

     Sumner Regional Medical Center’s Response to TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center

     TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center's Response to Commission's Response to Original Response

     Support for CN2305-012  (As of 9/22/2023)

     Opposition against CN2305-012  (Updated 8/18/2023)

CN2306-017  Apex Vascular Outpatient Center

     Presentation by Applicant for CN2306-017

     Support for CN2306-017  (As of 9/22/2023)

CN2306-019  Interim Healthcare of Montgomery County

     Presentation by Applicant for CN2306-019

     Presentation by Opposition - Alive Hospice

     Presentation by Opposition - Caris Healthcare

     Support for CN2306-017  (As of 9/22/2023)

     Opposition against CN2306-019


General Counsel's Report

     Contested Case Update


     CN2109-026AD  Vanderbilt University Medical Center dba Vanderbilt Rutherford Hospital

          Request to review the Administrative Law Judge's Initial Order.

          Memo from Executive Director Grant to Commission Board

          Initial Order

          VUMC Petition for Review

          Response in Opposition to Petition for Review

          Presentation by Vanderbilt Rutherford Hospital

          Presentation by Opposition - Williamson Medical Center

          Presentation by Opposition



August 23, 2023 Minutes

August 2023 Finance Ways and Means Report 

Certificate of Need Project Reports

Nursing Home Bed Pool Reports

Current ICF/IID Bed Pool Report

Notice of Review Report