Criteria and Standards

Criteria and Standards used to help guide the development of health care programs and services that have been developed by the State Health Planning Division.


Acute Care Bed Need Services

     Acute Care Bed Need (Word Version)


     Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers (Word Version)


     Burn Units (Word Version)


     Cardiac Catheterization Services (Word Version)

(Notice to Applicants filing CON applications for cardiac catheterization services:  The current criteria and standards for review of cardiac catheterization CON applications utilize diagnostic-equivalent procedure and weights for measuring laboratory capacity.  The resulting weighted procedures are used in evaluating applications with respect to minimum volume standards.  This data is available by request at the website of the Department of Health (TDH).  An applicant should request diagnostic equivalent cardiac catheterization data for the three most recent years available for all hospital cardiac catheterization providers located within the declared service area at the following link .  Applicants should plan on requesting and receiving this data from TDH at least 2 weeks prior to filing the CON application.)

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

     Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Services (Word Version)

Construction Renovation _Expansion  Replacement of Health Care Institutions

     Construction Renovation Expansion Replacement (Word Version)

Free Standing Emergency Departments  

     Free Standing Emergency Departments (Word Version)

     Free Standing Emergency Department Application Guide  

Home_Health_Services_Criteria_and_Standards  (Please see letter below *)

     Home Health Services (Word Version)

     *TennCare Memo Regarding Home Health  (New)


     Hospice Services (Word Version)


     Intellectual Disability Institutional Habilitation (Word Version)


     Long Term Hospital Beds (Word Version)


     Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Word Version)

Megavoltage Radiation Therapy  

     Megavoltage Radiation Therapy (Word Version)


     Neonatal Nursery Services (Word Version)


     Non-Residential Substitution Based Treatment Center for Opiate Addiction (Word Version)


     Nursing Home Services (Word Version)


     Open Heart Surgery Services (Word Version)

Organ Transplantation  

     Organ Transplantation (Word Version)


     Outpatient Diagnostic Centers (Word Version)


     Positron Emission Tomography (Word Versions)