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Temporary Suspension of Certain CON Requirements for Hospitals and Notary Services
Temporary HSDA Office Closure

Medical Equipment Statistics & Maps


CT Scanner Procedures Trend                                                    Cyberknife-Gamma Knife Treatments Trend

Linear Accelerator Treatments Trend                                        

MRI Procedures Trend                                                                    PET Scanner Procedures Trend

CT Scanner Utilization                                                                     Cyberknife and Gamma Knife Utilization

Linear Accelerator Utilization                                                     

 MRI Utilization                                                                                 PET Utilization

Registered CT Scanners                                                       Registered Cyberknife & Gamma Knife

Registered Linear Accelerators                                          

Registered MRI                                                                      Registered PET Scanner

CT Scanner Addresses                                                        Cyberknife and Gamma Knife Addresses

Linear Accelerator Addresses                                          

MRI Addresses                                                                     PET Scanner Addresses

Locations Maps

CT Scanner Locations                                        Cyberknife and Gamma Knife Map

Linear Accelerator Locations                          

MRI (Fixed) Locations                                        MRI (Mobile) Locations                                    

PET Scanner (Fixed) Locations                        PET Scanner (Mobile) Locations

Coverage Maps


 CT Scanner Coverage                         Linear Accelerator Coverage

MRI Coverage                                  PET Scanner Coverage