State of TN Department of Human Resources Receives IPMA-HR Large Agency Award of Excellence

The State of Tennessee Department of Human Resources (DOHR) employs 44,995 individuals. In Recent years, DOHR has instituted several new initiatives including: the Emergency Workforce Management Plan, which was developed to better ensure that mission critical functions and services can be performed during an emergency situation; LEAD Tennessee, the goal of which is to continually develop current and emerging leaders in 12 leadership core competencies, thereby creating a talent pool for state government; the Employee Reassignment Process Implementation Plan, which allows employees who are affected by a reduction in force the added opportunity to move within and between agencies of the executive branch by means of lateral transfer, promotion, reduction in rank, or lateral classification; and the Voluntary Buyout Program (VBP), which was established to reduce the size of the state´s workforce to control cost and to avoid an involuntary reduction in force.

The International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) represents over 100,000 human resources professionals globally at various levels of government. In April, IPMA-HR called for applications for their Agency Awards of Excellence. These awards recognize small, medium and large agencies, based on the number of employees in the jurisdiction served by the personnel program. Additionally, the awards recognize program accomplishments and efforts over a three-year period immediately preceding the nomination, thereby allowing consideration of cumulative as well as one-time achievements.

DOHR was selected as the 2010 winner of the IPMA-HR Award for Excellence, Large Agency! The award was received on October 5, 2010 at the IPMA-HR Annual Conference.IPMAHR Logo

This is a momentous honor for the state of Tennessee, Department of Human Resources, the LEAD Tennessee Executive Leadership Council, and the participants of LEAD Tennessee!