Executive Job Openings

Applicants cannot use the online employment application system for these jobs. Please follow instructions provided in each posting.

Accountant 2 Financial Services TREASURY  
Accounting Technician 1 COT  
Administrative Assistant 1 TREASURY  
Administrative Assistant 2 TREASURY  
Administrative Hearing Officer - Eligibility Appeals F&A  
Assistant General Counsel HEALTH  
Attorney 3 BWC Nov 15, 2017
Attorney 3 DHS Nov 16, 2017
Audiologist EDU  
Auditor 2 DGS  
Auditor 2 DHS  
Auditor 3 DHS  
Auditor 3 HCFA  
Budget Analyst 2 DHS Nov 12, 2017
Business Architect TREASURY  
Category Specialist DGS  
CDL Program Manager TDOS Nov 11, 2017
Clinical Application Coordinator 2 HEALTH  
Clinical Application Coordinator 2 HEALTH  
Communications Specialist TREASURY  
Compliance Monitor THDA Nov 1, 2017
Construction Project Manager - West TN DGS  
Content Management/Share Point Administrator - Intermediate COT  
Deputy Director of Child Health HEALTH  
Development Manager DGS  
Director of Equity TREASURY  
Director of Hospital Services TDMHSAS  
Director of Internal Audit DCS Oct 31, 2017
Director of Research REV Oct 31, 2017
Division Controller F&A  
EDP Audit Manager HCFA  
EDP Auditor HCFA  
End Point Tech Specialist TREASURY  
Environmental Literacy Coordinator TDEC  
Epidemiologist 2 - Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion HEALTH  
Executive Administrative Assistant 1 TDOC Oct 25, 2017
Fiscal Director 1 F&A  
Funds Coordinator F&A  
Information Security Analyst - JR TREASURY  
Internal Auditor 2 TREASURY  
Junior Ranger Program Assistant TDEC  
Legal Assistant HCFA Oct 26, 2017
Legal Assistant 1 TPUC Oct 23, 2017
Legislative Auditor 1 COT  
Legislative Information Systems Auditor 1 COT  
Microsoft SQL Administrator/Access Developer TN AG  
Mortgage Loan Closing Manager THDA Nov 3, 2017
Mortgage Loan Underwriter THDA Nov 7, 2017
Outreach Representative TREASURY  
Planning Analyst 4 F&A Nov 20, 2017
Program Manager F&A Nov 20, 2017
Project Coordinator DGS  
Project Director TDMHSAS  
Project Manager DGS  
Project Manager TREASURY  
Program Accounting Technician 1 COT  
Public Health Program Director 2 HEALTH  
Seasonal Interpreter/Recreator (Americorps) - Port Royal State Historic Park TDEC  
Senior Software Engineer EDU  
Service Counselor 2 - Call Center TREASURY  
Service Counselor 2 - Employer Liaison TREASURY  
Service Counselor 2 - Member Services TREASURY  
Service Counselor 2 - Refund TREASURY  
Service Counselor 4 TREASURY  
Software Developer TREASURY  
Sourcing Account Specialist DGS  
SQL Developer/Junior DBA TREASURY  
Staff Attorney BWC  
Supreme Court Records Processing Assistant SOS Oct 27, 2017
Talent Management Director 3 TENNCARE Nov 13, 2017
TennCare Examiner C&I  
TennCare Program Coordinator HCFA Oct 26, 2017
Tennessee Volunteer Challenge Lead Instructor MILITARY Oct 20, 2017
TNStars and ABLE TN Customer Service Representative TREASURY  
Testing Analyst Advanced TREASURY  
Veterans Paralegal Assistance Counselor TDVS