Office of Minority Health and Disparities Elimination

black couple playing with child outsideAbout the Office

The Office of Minority Health and Disparities Elimination is the area contact for the national Office of Minority Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service and associates with the Southeast Region IV Office, Southeast Region. The Office of Minority Health and Disparities Elimination serves as a central point for the Department on minority health issues

The term 'minority' has come to describe a cross section of special concerns that arise from race, ethnic background, gender, rural and urban living. Racial and ethnic populations in Tennessee consist primarily of African American, American Indians, Hispanics and Asian/Pacific Islanders. Minority health focuses on those health issues that cross culture, race and ethnic boundaries. Disparate populations often experience poor health due to health inequities, driven by Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), limited prevention measures and inadequate access to health care.

Health outcomes that result in disproportionate mortality rates in disparate communities include substance abuse, obesity, physical inactivity and tobacco use. Cancer, violence (i.e. sexual, child and domestic) and injury, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases and ethnic specific diseases (i.e. sickle cell) are also health outcomes that influence disproportionate mortality rates.

The Office of Minority Health and Disparities Elimination engages in projects providing essential leadership to address major public health needs. Collaborative efforts include community outreach, and education, seminars, competitive funding for primary prevention initiatives (PPI) and health promotion campaigns.

Our Mission

To promote health policies, programs, and services designed to improve health and quality of life by preventing and controlling the disproportionate burden of disease, injury, and disability among racial and ethnic minority populations.

Our Vision

To serve as a statewide leader, recognizing and addressing health disparities and health equity, through meaningful collaboration and engagement

Our Staff

Monique Anthony, MPH, CHES| Interim Director

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Tamra L. Hicks |Contract Compliance Coordinator

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Emmanuel Ehiemua | Director of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

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Francis Garcia | Hispanic Community Engagement Coordinator

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