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In the state of Tennessee, very few districts have implemented universal tobacco free policies.

2021-2022 Tennessee K-12 School District Tobacco Policies

School Tobacco Policy 2021-2022

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As an administrator or educator, you can help your district implement tobacco free policies with the help of the model policy below and the other model policies listed. If you would like assistance with implementing your tobacco free policy, reach out to your local health department.

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Tobacco-Free Schools

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The use of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, electronic/battery-operated devices such as vapor products and e-cigarettes, and tobacco-related paraphernalia by any persons including students, district employees, guests, and contractors is prohibited on all school grounds at all times.  Use of the aforementioned products shall be expressly prohibited in any public seating areas including, but not limited to, bleachers used for sporting events and public restrooms.  

The use of tobacco and tobacco-related products, including smokeless tobacco and electronic/battery-operated devices, will be prohibited in all vehicles owned, leased or operated by the district at all times.  

District employees and students enrolled in the district’s schools will not be permitted to use tobacco or tobacco-related products, including smokeless tobacco and electronic/battery-operated devices, while they are participants in any class or activity in which they represent the school district.  

The school principal shall be responsible for administering appropriate disciplinary actions for possessing or using tobacco products, including electronic/battery-operated devices, according to a progressive discipline schedule. Disciplinary procedures should start with less punitive consequences and progress with each violation. Each step of the discipline schedule should include referral to cessation resources or programs such as the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine. The administration will consult with the county health department and other appropriate health organizations to provide students and employees with information and referral to support systems, programs and services to encourage them to abstain from the use of tobacco products. 

Consequences for employees who violate the tobacco use policy will be in accordance with established personnel policies. Visitors using tobacco products will be asked to refrain while on school property or leave the premises. Law enforcement officers may be contacted to escort the person off the premises or cite the person for trespassing if the person refuses to leave the school property. Forfeiture of any fee charged for admission will be enforced for visitors violating this policy. 

Signs will be posted throughout the district’s facilities to notify students, employees and all other persons visiting the school that the use of tobacco and tobacco-related products, including smokeless tobacco and electronic/battery-operated devices, is forbidden.  The following notice shall be prominently posted (including at each ticket booth) for elementary and secondary school sporting events:  

This is a tobacco-free campus. The use of tobacco products, including battery-operated devices, is prohibited on school property at all times. This policy shall be in effect whether or not school is in session.

v1: 04/27/2022

*This model policy was developed by the Tennessee Department of Health, Division of Family Health and Wellness. The model policy is provided as guidance for school boards to implement best practices to prevent and reduce youth tobacco and e-cigarette use. Anyone considering using this model policy as a guide should consult with legal counsel before adopting or modifying their policy.

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