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Capacity Building Assistance for HIV Prevention Providers

2021 Spring/Summer Calendar and Registration


Click here to download the full calendar. To register staff for these training courses, click here and complete this short survey. All courses listed are virtual.

Capacity Building Assistance for HIV Prevention Providers

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) HIV Prevention Program offers both required and optional training opportunities for HIV prevention providers in Tennessee.

Counseling, Testing, and Referral Training for HIV Testers in Tennessee

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The I Know – HIV Prevention Counseling and Testing training is required certification for HIV testers who receive HIV tests from TDH and Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) in health departments in the state of Tennessee. This training is conducted in partnership with community-based organizations to ensure that the most updated, culturally-appropriate content is provided. In this training, participants will learn how to:


·         Conduct HIV prevention counseling with clients taking an HIV test

·         Deliver positive, negative, and invalid test results to clients

·         Work with testing clients of different ages, races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations

·         Run up to three different types of rapid HIV test devices

·         Link newly-diagnosed clients to HIV care using the Rapid Testing Guidelines

·         Report HIV testing information to local and state health departments

In 2020, I Know training is being run in collaboration with three community-based organizations:

·         OUTMemphis (Southwest Region): Learn more on their website, I Know Eventbrite, or by contacting an I Know trainer.

·         Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi (Middle Region): Learn more on their website or by contacting an I Know trainer.

·         Choice Health Network (East Region): Learn more on their website or by contacting an I Know trainer.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual I Know training courses are being offered.

To learn more about when in-person and virtual I Know courses are scheduled, click here to sign up for the HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis United Way Weekly Bulletin.

To register for an upcoming I Know training, click here.

Training for PrEP Navigators

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To support access to PrEP across the state of Tennessee, TDH provides training and funding for PrEP navigators. These navigators can provide people interested in PrEP with more information about this once a day pill to prevent HIV, connect people to local medical and financial resources to facilitate PrEP access, and can support people starting PrEP for the first time. 

For a full, updated list of PrEP navigators in Tennessee, click here.

The PrEP navigation certification course is offered quarterly. Priority is given to PrEP navigators who are funded by or connected to TDH HIV Prevention projects. For more information about the PrEP navigation certification course, please contact Elokin CaPece, HIV Capacity Building Coordinator.

PrEP Access Training for Health Department Staff

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To increase PrEP access in every county in Tennessee, TDH offers training for health department staff interested in providing PrEP as an HIV prevention option for their clients in their region.

This training includes current information about PrEP and PEP (the post-exposure option) medication regimens, briefs on the latest research studies on PrEP effectiveness, and skill-building activities designed to build staff capacity to work with diverse adult populations.

The PrEP Access for Health Department staff certification course is offered quarterly. For more information about the PrEP navigation certification course, please contact Elokin CaPece, HIV Capacity Building Coordinator.

Harm Reduction Training for HIV/HCV Prevention Providers

Harm reduction is a set of practical public health strategies designed to reduce the negative health consequences of drug use. The TDH Harm Reduction training focuses on reducing the HIV and Hepatitis C risks involved in drug use and creating effective paths from substance misuse to healthier living.

The Harm Reduction training course is offered quarterly. Priority is given to Syringe Services staff who are funded by or attached to TDH HIV Prevention and Viral Hepatitis projects. The course is recommended for all health care, mental health, substance misuse, and social services professionals engaged in HIV prevention, viral hepatitis prevention, and sexual health work.

For more information about the Harm Reduction training course, please contact Elokin CaPece, HIV Capacity Building Coordinator.

Capacity Building Partner Programs

TDH works in partnership to leverage national and regional resources that increase the quality and quantity of professional development opportunities available to the members of the HIV Prevention workforce in Tennessee.

The partnerships listed below require that users create a log in, but otherwise are low (and in most cases) no cost options for staff development training.

Southeast AIDS Education and Training Center (SE AETC)


SE AETC serves the HIV/AIDS educational needs of health care and social service providers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. It offers comprehensive, collaborative educational opportunities designed to increase the size and strength of the HIV workforce. It is one of eight training centers founded by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) to provide training and facilitate dissemination of rapidly changing information about HIV/AIDS for service providers.

Click on the links to learn more about SE AETC’s Online Learning Curriculum and the bank of SE AETC archived webinars.

CDC Train Learning Network

CDC Train (1)

The Train Learning Network is powered by the Public Health Foundation, and works with the Centers for Disease Control and a national group of affiliate health agencies to make training courses, conference presentations, skill-building webinars, and certification training available online at little (and in most cases) no cost.

Click the link to learn more about CDC Train.

For HIV Prevention partners running evidence-based interventions, contact Elokin CaPece, HIV Capacity Building Coordinator to learn how you can access the HIV CBA Training Plan through CDC Train.