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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Syphilis Elimination

The epidemiology of syphilis represents a dynamic interaction between behavior, biology, and the effectiveness of public health interventions. Syphilis elimination is possible because the disease is easy to cure once diagnosed, and because the syphilis epidemic is concentrated in a small number of geographic areas. 

Key strategies in place throughout Tennessee for the successful prevention and elimination of syphilis include: 

  • Expanded surveillance and outbreak response activities,
  • Rapid screening and treatment in and out of medical settings,
  • Expanded laboratory services,
  • Strengthened community involvement and agency partnerships,
  • Enhanced health promotion.

Syphilis prevention and control activities predominantly take place within the context of health services that include STD, Infectious Disease, HIV, Outreach or other services.

For more information on the Syphilis Elimination Effort go to: