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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Infertility Prevention Project (IPP)

The State of Tennessee  is part of a national Infertility Prevention Project (IPP) that funds chlamydia and gonorrhea screening and treatment services for low-income, sexually active women attending family planning and STD clinics. This program has shown that routine screening of women can reduce chlamydia prevalence and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) incidence in women, which can be a cause of infertility.

The Department of Health’s STD Program, Family Planning, and the Public Health Laboratories work together with a common goal of detecting and treating women and men with chlamydia and gonorrhea infections.  The key components of the regional infertility prevention programs are:

  • Clinical (screening, treatment, partner management)
  • Training and Education (of clinicians and laboratory staff)
  • Laboratory (tests, bulk purchasing, performance, turn-around-time, quality assurance)
  • Surveillance (local, state, regional data collection, management, and analysis).

For more information about the Infertility Prevention Project go to: