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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

STD Prevention Field Services

ield Services is an essential link between clinic services and infected persons or those at risk for acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. Field Services staff is composed of highly trained, professional Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS), supervisors and managers assigned to county and metro health departments throughout the state.

Some of the core functions of Field Services are:

  • Confidential counseling, testing, and treatment of those persons who are infected or who have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease;
  • Verification of diagnosis and treatment of all reportable STDs from public and private providers;
  • Partner referral services which provides notification, screening and treatment to sexual partners;
  • Educational and counseling services to those at risk for sexually transmitted diseases as well as the community in general.

Field Services include:

Tennessee Department of Health Field Services
Administrative Offices:
Andrew Johnson Tower, 4th Floor
710 James Robertson Pkwy Nashville, TN 37243 
Phone (615)741-7500
Fax (615)741-3857