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Health Access Plan

The HAPU is being updated and will be available soon.

The Health Access Plan is published annually by the Tennessee Department of Health. The Plan assists federal, state and local health planning officials in identifying shortage areas for primary health care in Tennessee. The identification of these areas is of importance in assuring available and accessible health care among the citizens of Tennessee.

This report is generated to provide guidelines for the Health Access Incentive Grant Program, Annual Medical Education - Residency Stipend Program, J1 Visa Waiver Programs and to disseminate data from the annual physician's survey. For the first time, information on physician extenders is included in the data.

 For the purposes of the program, the state is divided into rational service areas. These areas are comprised of geographic locations in which residents would be expected to seek the majority of their primary care.

A copy of the Health Access Plan can also be requested by calling (615) 741-0417.