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Civil Monetary Penalty Quality Improvement Program: Strategic Plan

Programmatic Strategies

The Tennessee CMP Reinvestment Program has developed a Strategic Map outlining the areas of program focus to guide the disbursement and use of CMP funds. The Strategic Map outlines three focus areas: Building Relationships, Sharing Best Practices, and Utilizing Data to Target Efforts. Each focus area has action steps that will assist the program in reaching the following program goals:

Short Term Program Goals

  • By the end of calendar year 2020, the Tennessee CMP Reinvestment Program will provide a collection of resources and trainings related to each focus area on the CMP Reinvestment website for stakeholder use.
  • By the end of calendar year 2020, the Tennessee CMP Reinvestment Program, in partnership with the Office of Healthcare Facilities, will apply for CMP funds to address one of the following topics: residents' rights, customer service, and/or emergency preparedness capacity.
  • By end of calendar year 2020, develop multifaceted marketing strategies to engage stakeholders, encourage effective proposals, and increase awareness of the CMP Reinvestment Program.
  • By the end of calendar year 2020, host a Parade of Programs twice a year for stakeholders and community partners in order to highlight collaboration, encourage support of existing funded projects, increase the number and quality of proposals, and promote the CMP funding opportunity. 
Long Term Program Goals
  •  Increase the number and quality of proposals with high likelihood of CMS approval by the year 2021 as measured by the number of proposals received, percent sent to CMS, and percent approved by CMS.
  • By 2023, implement a CMP quality improvement project in at least 50% of all 3-star and below facilities.
  • Increase the annual amount of funding awarded per fiscal year to qualified applicants to $5 million by 2023. 

Please click here to view our CMP Strategic Map.

Focus Areas

Tennessee will follow a Quality Assurance Performance Improvement approach utilizing multiple clinical measures to target funding priorities. The plan will focus on CMS funding priority areas such as:

  1. Healthcare-Associated Infections
  2. Distressed and At-Risk Counties
  3. Preventable hospitalizations
  4. Improving nursing home facilities’ CMS star rating
    1.  Health Inspections
    2. Staffing
    3. Quality Measures
  5. Resident's rights
    1. Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
    2. Alzheimer's disease and other dementias

Funding focus areas were selected utilizing CMS priorities which impact quality of care and quality of life of nursing home facility residents. Healthcare-associated infection measures show how often patients in a particular facility contract infections during the course of their medical treatment. According to CMS, when following guidelines for safe care, these infections can often be prevented. The changing landscape of health care access brings new challenges to Tennesseans, particularly those in rural areas, including mitigating hospital closures and issues in workforce recruitment/retention. CMP Reinvestment funds will be targeted to aid nursing homes in counties ranking among the 10 percent most economically distressed counties in the nation. Factors determining a county’s distressed status include per capita market income and the poverty rate. This focus area is in alignment with Governor Lee’s executive order to accelerate transformation of rural areas. Quality Measures and the CMS Star Rating systems were established by CMS to provide consumers with a transparent comparison of quality of care between healthcare facilities. By utilizing CMP funds to implement initiatives which would improve any of these measures (falls, preventable hospitalizations, etc.), it would correspondingly improve resident care and quality of life. Due to the growing number of individuals aged 65 and older diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s, the number of tags associated with elder abuse and neglect, and feedback from the CMP Reinvestment Advisory committee, the Tennessee CMP Reinvestment Program decided to include residents’ rights as one of the focus areas in 2019.