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Newborn Hearing Screening


The newborn hearing screening program is responsible for assuring all infants born in Tennessee received a hearing screening before discharge or prior to one month of age. The 1-3-6 plan for newborn hearing program works to assure that: 1 - All infants will be screened for hearing loss prior to discharge or before 1 month of age. 3 - All infants who do not pass the screening will have a diagnostic audiological evaluation before 3 months of age. 6 - All infants identified with hearing loss will receive appropriate early intervention services no later than 6 months of age. AND - All families of children with hearing loss have access to parent support services. Hearing screening is required by Tennessee Code Annotated Title 68, Chapter 5, Part 9, Sections 901-906 , Rules and Regulations 1200-15-01 (Claire’s Law, July 2008).

Accessing Services

Services are provided by all birthing hospitals and facilities. The families of infants that are not born in a hospitals can contact a hearing provider near their home using the “Pediatric Hearing Provider Directory” of audiology providers and ear, nose, and throat (ENT)/otolaryngology physicians. Most insurance covers hearing screening.

For More Information Contact the Newborn Screening Follow up:

Phone: (615) 532-8462
Toll Free: (855) 202-1357
Fax: (615) 532-8555