What is Take Charge of Your Diabetes?


Take Charge of Your Diabetes

  • Take Charge of Your Diabetes (the Diabetes Self-Management Program) is a 6-week workshop.
  • It teaches real-life skills for living a full, healthy life with diabetes.
  • Classes are fun and interactive. Participants share their successes and build a common source of support.
  • The workshop builds confidence around managing diabetes, staying active, and enjoying life.

Some counties are now offering:

  • Living Well with Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program - a chronic disease self-management workshop that is open to anyone with a physical or mental chronic condition.
  • Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Self-Management Program – a self-management workshop that specifically targets anyone affected by cancer.


  • Two trained leaders at each location. At least one of them has a chronic condition.


  • Some sites may charge a small fee to cover the cost of the course materials, which includes a book and a CD.

What You Will Learn:

  • Resources, skills, and action planning to give you a sense of greater control over life with diabetes.

Who Attends:

  • People with diabetes and their family or friends.

Program Length:

  • A 6-week program that meets 2 to 2½ hours each week.

Topics Covered:

  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Facts about carbohydrates
  • Symptoms of low blood sugar
  • Preventing low blood sugar
  • Preventing and delaying diabetes complications
  • Role of medications in blood sugar control
  • Blood sugar control during sick days
  • Planning ahead for managing diabetes
  • Working with your health care team
  • Setting weekly goals
  • Effective problem solving
  • Better communication
  • How to relax
  • Safe, easy exercise

Description of Workshops