Emergency Alert Decal

The Emergency Alert Decals and Magnets were designed specifically for children and youth with special health care needs and families. The purpose of the decals and magnets is to alert first responders, police officers, and other emergency personnel that there is a child with special health care needs in the home or vehicle. Each family will receive:

  1. A magnet to place on their vehicle
  2. Two decals to place in the front and back windows of their home
  3. Two fillable information cards to place near the front door of their home and the glove compartment of their vehicle.
  4. An instruction card for proper placement of the decals and magnets

First responders, TN Department of Transportation, and Highway Patrol agencies were sent examples of the decals, information cards, and magnets. Separate instruction cards were created for first responders, so they will know where to find the items during an emergency.

Emergency Alert Decal

Emergency Alerts - Fill In Card

Emergency Alerts - Parents' Card

Check out our Emergency Preparedness Powerpoint HERE

For more information or to request an Emergency Alert Decal, please email Kendra Thomas at Kendra.Thomas@tn.gov