Board of Nursing

Licensure by Exam

In order to be made eligible for NCLEX, applicants must submit a complete application for licensure by exam and all documents must be verified by Board staff.   Processing time may take up to six weeks after the date of graduation and receipt of official transcript from the school of nursing and all required documents.  Processing time may be delayed if items are missing or there is a history of crime.  

A complete application  consists of the following:

 ♦  Uploaded documents:

o   Photo with signature and date

o   Declaration of Citizenship

o   Proof of Citizenship (eg, government issued photo ID)   

♦  CBC must be completed and received and verified by staff – if there is a history of crime, applicants may be required to submit the following :

o   Letter of explanation

o   Certified copies:

* arresting document (warrant)

* judgment (disposition)

*completion of judgment (receipt of payment of fines, letter of completion of probation)

 ♦  Transcript must be submitted by the school and verified by staff

♦  Applicants must be registered with and have paid Pearson VUE

Applicants will be made eligible and will receive the Authorization to Test from Pearson VUE by email.  


Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • The Board of Nursing is offering a Geographic Information System (GIS) application to analyze workforce based on nursing licensure data. Approved nursing programs can also be queried and mapped on the GIS application: