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Participating Groceries and Pharmacies

Our approximately 145,000 WIC participants normally receive their WIC approved foods each month through redeeming WIC vouchers at approximately 900 grocery stores across the State. These locations are commonly known as WIC vendors and enter into an agreement for a maximum of two years at a time with the Tennessee Department of Health.

These are retail stores whose primary business is the sale of food. In addition, there are approximately 100 pharmacies that provide therapeutic formulas made for infants, children, and adults with specific nutrition or medical disorders.

All participating groceries and pharmacies are expected to follow the terms of their agreement or face disciplinary action and/or termination of their agreement. The Department’s decision to renew their agreement is based on the vendor’s previous performance.

Various aspects such as maintaining minimum stock of WIC approved foods, keeping prices within acceptable guidelines, following polices and guidelines regarding handling and depositing WIC vouchers are taught and monitored by Vendor Management staff in each of the fourteen regional offices. In addition, all vendors are subject to undercover investigations to verify compliance with their agreement.

Your local WIC Clinic can provide you with a list of approved grocery stores and pharmacies in your area.